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There are basically two sources of information available through our office. CAMA or assessment data, which can be the entire data set, or a subset of selected criteria. The other type of data is GIS or mapping data, which can also be obtained in its entirety or in subsets. GIS data primarily consists of maps with various themes or layers, depending on the needs of the user.

We have taken the liberty of making as much of both types of data available on our website, both for displayed single use and in a downloadable format. However, we understand that these two sources do not necessarily meet everyone's needs.

Therefore, we are providing an additional method of acquiring data, through submitted requests, directly to the person who will be completing them.

The CAMA data that we provide will be in one of the Microsoft Office formats (Excel, Access, etc.), comma delimited (.csv) or as a text file (.txt). Although we do not mind assisting with an understanding of our data itself, we simply do not have the staff available to train users in the Microsoft products. We appreciate your understanding with this.

If you require CAMA or assessment data (labels, mailing lists, subdivision lists or the entire working tax roll, just to name a few), you would need to contact the following persons:

              Nancy Walker, CFE
              Director, Information Technology
              (904) 278/529-4707

If you require GIS or mapping data (county index map, specialized maps or the entire set), you would need to contact the following person:

              Shannon Martin
              Supervisor, GIS
             (904) 278-3708

  Clay County Property Appraiser's Office